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Residential Electrical Wiring Explained

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Residential Electrical Wiring Articles

Before you work on your own wiring!

In most jurisdictions a codes inspection will not be required for a simple remove and replace procedure, but you should check with your local code authority (call your electric service provider) and get an inspection if it is required. It is possible that in some jurisdictions it is not legal for anyone except a licensed Electrician to perform any kind of wiring job. It is also possible (even likely) that in the event that your home were to burn down because of defective work that has not been inspected, that your insurance could be void. Find out before you proceed!

Always turn off the electricity to whatever you are working on!

DO NOT rely on the labels in the electrical panel, they are often wrong or incomplete. Do whatever it takes to be 100% certain that the electricity is off before you do any electrical work!

I am not a codes officials or an expert on the subject of wiring

This web site is strictly for informational purposes. The information contained herein could be completely wrong, and you should assume that it is. If you choose to do wiring work of any kind then you and you alone are responsible for learning what the code requires, and applying the code to your work in a safe maner. NoJolt and it's lackeys shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracy of this content, nor shall we be held liable for any loss of life, limb, or assets caused by the application of this information. If you are going to do electrical wiring, you should educate yourself about the code, and safety. If you spot anything in this that you think is incorrect, please contact us at

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